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Durango Somatic Immersion Classes

Please call to schedule your session, the cost is $150 for up to 4 people. This experience is APPROXIMATELY 120 Minutes

At Massage Intervention we look at the body as a whole. We offer the best massage in town but also create experiences that can get to the root of the problem BEFORE you need massage!

Our Somatic Immersion Experience includes Holotropic Breathwork and Contrast Therapy (Sauna and Cold Plunge) to really access and release the wisdom (and trauma) held in the body.

There is an abundance of science showing the effects of psychedelics when combined with psychotherapy. Research since the 50s shows that it helps with depression, addiction, PTSD and other neurological disorders. When
psychedelics were banned, Holotropic Breathwork was created to simulate the same effects on the brain, it releases a naturally occurring DMT and helps the brain achieve the neuroplasticity needed to break negative patterns and beliefs.

Contrast Therapy has been practiced for centuries and has been proven to not only boost immunity but decrease inflammation and stabilize mood. There is a reason you see cold plunges on the fields of professional football and used by Olympians. Anyone that has money to do the research and has a lot on the line knows that this is a crucial component to overall health and well-being.

Cold plunging is known as a controlled stressor. It is shown that when you can center yourself and avoid going into “fight or flight” mode during cold submersion, you habituate your ability to regulate your response to stress. It also helps to self-regulate your temperature. So many people talk about the benefits of Paleo but fail to remember the benefits of being able to
regulate our own temperatures. We didn’t always have the luxury of going from one 70° room to the next.

The old adage “use it or lose it” also applies to the thyroid, and thyroid issues requiring LIFELONG medication are on the rise every year.

After leading a women’s group for years, it was clear that sharing our experiences was just the first step. What was lacking was a conscious intentionality to bring awareness into the body. That’s where the Breathwork comes in, Breathwork is the gateway not only to trauma but a key factor in accessing our inner wisdom. Once the breath brings us into the beautiful awareness that is our body, we use tools to transform whatever comes up into whatever serves us the most. We do all of this in a womb-like setting that consists of black lights and thumping tribal music. It’s a safe place for you to let go.
This is an intense, and transformative class that requires curiosity and leaning into what may be new and uncomfortable. We ask that you have done enough inner work to not only be vulnerable but have the ability to take care of yourself if you get uncomfortable (WINNING!). There will be a chance to integrate afterwards but you will be your own guide in days to come as new awareness emerges.

Please bring water, a towel, bathing suit and a bathrobe.Be aware that due to the nature of this class emotions may arise that you are not used to… That’s the point! Please only join us if you feel you have the tools, ability and support to reconcile them as there is only so much time to do that during class.We start class promptly, so please be mindful of your timing so that we do not have to repeat instructions.We are at 150 Rock Point Drive Unit D in the Tech Center. Upon entry go to the door immediately to your left with the panther on it and head up the stairs.Please eat lightly and give yourself at least an hour to digest, as breath work requires a light stomach.

This is a $40 class, with a $10 refund for anybody that tags us on a social media post about their experience.

Call us now to book your session.

Massage Intervention

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