Massage Intervention - Massage Appointments, Reservations, Policies
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1. Cancellations:
In order to maintain a steady income for our therapists, we require 24 hrs notice for cancellations. This allows time for us to consult our waitlist and fill your time slot. Without this courtesy, our therapists lose their ability to earn their full potential, and other clients who really needed a massage goes without.  Thank you for your respect and consideration on this matter.

2. Sexual misconduct in ANY form will NOT be tolerated and WILL be reported to the police and also the the AMTA Offenders Database. If you fail to respect our therapists the session will end immediately and full payment will be required.

3. It is OK to not talk during your massage! Communication is important as far as pressure etc, AND our therapists have been trained to allow you to just be in your experience and receive in a quiet manner.

4. Removing underwear makes our job easier and allows you a better massage. The gluteus muscle is a big contributor to low back pain, and is a huge component to the body working at its optimum.

5. Late arrivals:
While we will always try to accommodate, a late arrival may mean a reduction in your massage time due to adjacent bookings.

6. Valuables:
While we have never had an issue with theft, we ask that you leave all valuables locked in your car, as we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.