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Durango Somatic Immersion Classes

Classes are held weekly and are subject to change. Follow the link to see what options are currently available. Space availability is limited to 8 people per class. Click the button to reserve your spot today!

This class consists of participating in Breathwork, Cold Plunge, Hot Yoga, Red Light Therapy, ecstatic movement and massage. All of this in an effort to be more in touch with our bodies and the connection that comes with deep breathing.

The setting includes rhythmic music and black lights that allow you to immerse yourself in this truly unique somatic experience.Please bring water, a towel, bathing suit and a bathrobe.Be aware that due to the nature of this class emotions may arise that you are not used to… That’s the point! Please only join us if you feel you have the tools, ability and support to reconcile them as there is only so much time to do that during class.We start at exactly 645, so please be mindful of your timing so that we do not have to repeat instructions.We are at 150 Rock Point Drive Unit D in the Tech Center. Upon entry go to the door immediately to your left with the panther on it and head up the stairs.Please consume a light meal by 5:45 as breath work requires a light stomach. Also be so kind as to give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel in order to open up that spot for somebody else.

This class is limited to 8 participants.This is a $35 class, with a $10 refund for anybody that tags us in a post about their experience.

You can also book online at Durango Somatic Experience on Facebook and Instagram

Massage Intervention

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